We wait for talents,
we desire values

Our history speaks of generations that follows each other, of passions handed down, of welcomed changes.
It tells of 40 years of weddings, work, food, set-ups, glorious gardens and enveloping rooms.
It resounds with the smiles of the people, of the emotions of the spouses, of the laughter of children, of musical notes.
It tells of how, under a surface of brilliant marble and soft lights, there is the mutual respect and esteem of a team that never stops believing in themselves and in the strength of the group, the humanity of those who put not only their head but above all their hearts into it. All this has made us a solid reality and we are ready to expand the family, to grow and improve.

We wait for talents, we desire values to become the best version of ourselves.

The power of change

The key to every mystery, the solution to the problem, the magic formula to recite. Ours is in the people. We have chosen education, competence and passion; we have given respect, dignity, soul and education. Einstein once said “The world as we created it is a result of our thinking. We can't change it if we don't change our way of thinking. ”
And so we started thinking as a group, all towards one goal, sharing the emotional baggage, worries and hopes to create together what cannot be do it alone, a product of shared love.


From the faded photos, the puffed sleeves and the bouffant hairstyles to the personalized, casual and chic weddings with sustainable wedding favors, we have covered more than 40 years of wedding trends, following the changes, updating on trends, changing the style. We have followed the course of the history of weddings without ever rejecting changes, but rather embracing them and letting ourselves be overwhelmed by the flow of news. We believe in the value of transformations as the natural process of life that flows: together we need to change to grow and improve.

We believe in values

In the whirlwind of rush and anxiety to finish first, there is a need to rediscover kindness. Human relationships are based on this, on mutual respect, on the recognition of the value and on the appreciation of others. This is the engine of life, the one that makes us get out of bed every morning, that makes us satisfied with a productive day and with our work. We believe in the values that make us go to work with a smile and return home tired but glad.

A story that
deserves to be told

Do you believe in the strength of the group? In the idea that what can be done together is far better than what can be done alone? We could tell you a story made of tulle, business goals and crystals. Bookkeeping, flowers and accountants. Or we could tell you about love, fairy tales and dreams. But the only story that deserves to be told is that of our team, because it is a story made up of simple, pure feelings and shared emotions. It is a story of humanity that has made and makes our souls better and more similar every day, in the inevitable encounter between predisposed hearts that open up to confrontation and dialogue, to constantly encourage us to improve one another.

Let's team up

Just like a football team, a ballet company or an orchestra, we have tried to build a team spirit by creating a cheerful and engaging atmosphere, dedicating time to ourselves and having a clear goal to reach together by focusing on the aim for which we work hard every day. Our purpose, the ideal project in which we have involved all our employees is to expand the concept of the wedding in Puglia throughout the national and international territory. A dream that unites us in this great family and binds us towards the goal of all becoming active protagonists of this project that makes our eyes shine and being weak in the kness for the excitement of saying it aloud. Dream big, dream team.

Stories and goals

Ours is a story of souls. Many have been part of our family, sharing ideas, events, dreams, projects. Each goal achieved was a shared victory, fruit of the work of skilled hands, demanding eyes and big hearts. Ideas have changed, sometimes people, but the feelings have remained, the desire to do well, the smiles at the end of the day. And in this generational relay there are no losers, only winners.

Open positions

  • Chef de partie

  • pastry chef

  • Commis de cuisine

  • waiter

  • Sommelier

  • Responsible for pouring

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"Tell us your values, surprise us with talent."

We wait for talents,
we desire values

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