glass and centuries-old olive tree

The Crystal Garden of Lavinia Bianchi is the perfect solution for a classic and stylish wedding day. The sophisticated aesthetics of the garden with its play of light and reflections creates a unique and magical atmosphere to fall in love with. It stands out for its extraordinary elegance and for the ability to mix the perfect ingredients of beauty and modernity to create a unique and inimitable wedding.

The windows that surround the room produce optical effects that visually enlarge its width, creating a solution of continuity between inside and outside. This makes the Crystal Garden perfect both for those who love weddings in summer and in winter: the presence-absence almost makes you forget that it is a real and usable piece of furniture.

Visual contact with the outside allows you to create magical atmospheres in the indoor area, without having to give up the greenery and lights of the outside. The Crystal Garden is therefore perfect both for weddings during the day, to enjoy the light of the sun's rays, and for those in the evening, to fall in love once again under the light of the stars.

Our flagship is undoubtedly the majestic centuries-old olive tree, at the center of the room, which touches the strings of emotion. The contrast created between the modernity of the glass and the secularity of the olive tree is the hall's peculiarity. In the Crystal Garden everything is possible.

lavinia bianchi

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